Trends in Personal Branding

Learn How to Build a Million Dollar Business by Leveraging a Personal Brand

We all know that personal branding is popular right now, but how much does having a personal brand really matter in the future of business?


Is personal branding just vanity or does it really drive trust and revenue? And if so to what extent?


Who does personal branding really matter for?


Clearly, a lot of influencers and thought-leaders have them, but what about more traditional SMB entrepreneurs? Do large company corporate executives benefit from having a personal brand? Do professional service providers need personal brands? Do they really matter to the general public?


What should a personal brand do to actually drive more leads and income? What are the primary factors that the general public really looks at when deciding who to do business with?


These are just a few of the questions that we set out to answer in our Independent Nationwide Research Study on the “Trends in Personal Branding.”


Because when it comes to building your brand and business, you want to make sure that your time (and money) is being spent on the strategies that actually drive results.


Feelings, emotions, and intuition can be fleeting and risky, but numbers simply don’t lie.


Which is why we spent several months (and tens of thousands of dollars) assembling and conducting this independent nationwide research study (weighted to the US census) that empirically measures the data about:



Exactly what role an established personal brand plays in establishing TRUST in the marketplace



What factors of a personal brand create and drive actual PURCHASING POWER with consumers



Who can use a personal brand to grow their INFLUENCE


If you want to know what the data says about these “Trends in Personal Branding”, then register for this free Findings Presentation with Brand Builds Group.


We cannot wait to share our findings with you!


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